Thursday, December 23, 2010

Haven't I been updating the blog??? Oh blog is being ME. So after somewhat a more than 12 hour sleep, I could feel myself resurging from the fatigue side and storming into complete vibrance. Many things happened recently though my holidays seem dull...I received the semester results which was satisfactory (thank god) scholarship would most probably be retained (crossed fingers). So this Christmas, definitely have wonderful plans...for ONCE in my entire life. I didn't have much chances to meet up with the crap gang...except for Navee whom I met last weekend, ah absolutely enjoyable! Navee, still on for SUNWAY LAGOON? Will be heading to Ipoh on new year's day! I realized something too...there hasn't been many exciting movies in theatres and it's the peak season! Taking SAT this January...what a "delight" (I meant sarcasm with the quotation marks)to kick off the new year.
Ok, Im crapping a lot here and I shall get myself working today after a shower.