Friday, January 7, 2011

My All in One Update

So, amidst boredom yesterday, I had to post up something out of desperation, for the sake of the urge that made me blog. And today, I decided that a proper update is fundamental to start off 2011. I realized that I have not made any new year's resolution which is very pathetic of me. It was because I was away for a hectic vacation in Ipoh that I didn't have the time to make my resolution and I hope it's not too late to make one, wait I have a few, yes a few,how greedy of me. Let me voraciously announce my resolution of year 2011:

- Try my very best to do well in SAT

- Ace A level

- Stay physically fit (I had surely gained a few pounds after devouring much of the food in Ipoh)

Speaking of Ipoh, it wasn't just a Ipoh vacation, it was like a 3 places vacation in one state. Due to the amount of relatives my mom has in Perak, I was fortuitous enough to have visited Ipoh (of course), KK and Taiping. Imagine how much I have eaten throughout the whole trip, ugh. But, it was enjoyable, really enticing food coupled with hospitality from the relatives. One thing, I met Peter, the wild boar, oh no I am not kidding. He seems pretty tame, though he's wild yeah I see the irony. Anyways, rumors say that touching it could help one strike 4D!!???? My mom and aunt were ecstatic about it...and there goes the whole troop surrounding Peter. Besides that, I had the chance to visit Perak cave which was truly breathtaking. We had to climb 400 flight of stairs just to reach the peak. No, we didn't climb that high. I climbed only 1/4 of the steps, the rest were left unattempted. Haha and my new year resolution is to be fit????LOL I actually had to endure the cold that I have got during the trip so I wasn't too fit to climb that high. That's about it for the trip that flourished my semester break.

In 2 days, a new semester would dawn, and here comes all the lecture hall and library moments. Interestingly, I have only 4 days of classes per week..???? Yeah, I guess that comes with a
tougher semester to bear with.
Soup of the day!
Today ends with a good meal from Black Canyon!
PS: Nutrition and dietatics as my future???

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Amidst boredom...

Good morning peeps! Yes, it's 1.12 am and I am still awake.