Thursday, February 10, 2011

Week after CNY

Well, I had my first CNY celebration after returning from the US and I am very grateful for that. Skipping a year of CNY celebration isn't really a drawback to me, since I had wonderful American mom and dad to treat me with CNY dinner and offer me the red packets *grin*. This CNY was a fruitful one as it came with new experiences and opportunities. I finally had a "cheongsam" to wear this year and had the privilege to drink! Seriously, I've tried about 4 different types of wine, red and white ones which certainly got me a little off par but I still managed to handle the mediocre alcohol content.

Then, the one week break ended when "reality" crawls in, it's time for college again! And college is merely filled with excitement, not for the lectures BUT for the prep of the attempt to paint the BIGGEST Inti logo in Malaysia *bangga* let's just hope it's gonna be a success.

So, that's about it for now. TEST tomorrow, and more to dread in coming weeks!

Hasta luego!