Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year Resolution?

Wow, a blink of an eye and 2009 is almost gone. 2009 has been a great year minus the SPM and the farewell with my friends and teachers, ah memories! 2010 is arriving and what new year resolution have I got? Well, the simplest one would be to make 2010 a better year than 2009...but in terms of what? Health? No, I am free from serious illness, thank god. Studies? Yes,maybe...okay yes!SPM! Good results, please? Family, as I always wished, happy and loving family. Friends? Exactly, build good relationships with friends in Malaysia and also from all over the world. Also, garner all the knowledge and experience I could from the 6 months in the USA. Okayyyyy...I think that sums it all. Oh yeah, YSD second lvl assessment today. Nothing much but pretty much different from the normal interviews, well as you know it was assessment NOT interview. I passed the 1st stage, the group discussion which I was quite comfortable with. Then, 2nd stage, online assessment! I sort of struggled, no the fact was I screwed up haha. The verbal and numerical tests were my weakest because of time factor LOL, okay just had to admit that I was slow. Most probably wouldn't get it, even if I do, I wouldn't be able to attend the next round as I will be away for 6 months. No matter what, it was still an experience and I would treasure it for my future interviews.

That's all for now,I hereby wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR! May 2010 be a year full of colours and great events! Fireworks...


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Cloud nine

I am seriously the happiest girl on earth right now. I have got my placement and have been shortlisted for YSD Scholarship. Two good news in a day, THANK YOU GOD! I have been so curious about my placement especially and now finally I have got a host family. I will be hosted in TEXAS with another Brazil student! That is sooooo unbelievable yet incredible. As for the YSD one, I am not sure if I am lucky or just good enough to meet their requirements but anyhow, there's still the second stage which will be held very soon, OMG. Gratitude. I am floating on cloud nine.

Spot Texas!

Alright, sayonara for now. More to be done and hope everything runs smoothly.

Monday, December 28, 2009


Realising the fact that BSM party was yesterday, my ERA (chehhh) had also became history. Being blessed with the opportunity to get together with the Form 5s (batch 08/09) was a rare thing and yesterday was one of the odd days we could spend our time together. I am so gonna miss BSMM SL(Y) 119. My baby. I am really (X10) missing those days where RCMs, camp, marching training etc were held. Sounding at the juniors was in fact an awkward deed for me. I had no experience in that though juniors freaked out when I roared, LOL. Now that I am taking a stroll down the memory lane, what a beautiful sight of year 08/09! Saying goodbye to BSM was never in my agenda as I'll be BACK (VAD hopefully). My besties throughout the whole journey of 08/09, Elaine, JY, Deeny, Sughan, Trishen,SH and the rest, you guys did a great job! I am gonna miss so many events in 2010, annual camp, sports day, first RCM...many more! All I could say to my dearie juniors, the current BOD is take care and lead well. Long live, Red Crescent!

PS: Leaving for the USA in 13 more days. Missed the Penang trip due to fever and flu, friends are now enjoying on behalf of me.


ACCEPTANCE allows you to bring the totality of yourself to life. Saying 'yes' to any situations or challenges in your way would more or less affect your life. Definitely, we have no choice between 'yes' and 'no' because the answer is always 'yes'. Things are hard to avoid no matter how hard we resist. We may opt to say 'no' initially, but sooner or later 'yes' comes in our way. Life wouldn't be life if there aren't any challenges. Most of the time, people struggle to make ends meet and their efforts are to no avail. It's still okay. At least, they once said 'yes' and mustered great courage to make an attempt. Be brave to embark a new life if you failed. The most effective remedy to destroy hatred and ruthlessness is none other than acceptance. Learning to accept would ensure that one attain the calmness in him and things would be seen in a better perspective.

I'm learning to accept more of what I loathe. Still learning and hoping to get the better of me.

Sincerely from,

Thursday, December 24, 2009


It was 23th Dec and it was the outing for the 3G-ers, yeah. We decided to meet up at Midvalley and thanks to Lidia, I was the only girl there (she ffk me). So, I met Sam, Suthan and George there at about 12 something. I was late because of you know what, TRAFFIC JAM! Luckily, dad didn't grumble much hehe. We went to have our lunch in Kenny Roger's, ordered the family meal as we wanted to recall back how loving we were to each other during camp last year, LOL. It was fun trying to refresh our memories in the camp. We gobbled our food, definitely. The guys were kinda aggressive as they kept on refilling their drinks. Later on, it was time for a movie, and Sam lost his ticket, GREAT. But we talked to the ticket people and they willingly helped us, or else 22 bucks gone for Sam! Yeah, we watched 3G Avatar. I felt that there wasn't much difference between the normal one and the 3G. Anyway, the movie was great, James Cameron rocks! I like Sam Worthington, he's HOT.

I know, I know, we were trying to act cool, but weren't we cool???

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bidding Goodbye

Finally after 5 days of dance practice, we had to bid goodbye to each other before we could meet again in January for our pre-departure orientation. It was really fun having the chance to spend most of our time with all 46 YES-ers. Will miss Yan Rou's cool attitude, Navee's never-ending sarcasm, Kee Boon's fancies towards shopping (still remember her ambition was to create her own engine), and definitely Merryn's funny expressions that always make me laugh like a crazy girl. Of course, it was just a temporary farewell. No words can describe how thankful I am to be able to experience these moments with everyone including Abg Wan, and the rest of the YES Alumni.

PS: Penang trip and BSM partay cmin up. Busy busy busy...

Monday, December 21, 2009


Facts that I found out from Mr Faisal (Yes Alumni):
-transits in Dubai and Heathrow (London)
-luggage weight of max 20 kg
-strictly NO LAPTOPS
-pre-departure camp on 11th January 2010

Yeah, that's about it, had been busy these days with cultural dance. It has been a great experience and yes, I'm part of the Sarawak dance, being always the slowest to pick up, I still enjoyed the bamboo dance especially, I had tried that dance before but never in the right way, thanks to Abang Wan's patience, I finally got it. *yawn*
I seriously need some rest after these few days with the train rides and all. However, that was pretty a good way to train myself. Jocelyn, being always dependant on her parents for transport, finally is able to stand on her on feet to get back to her house from KL. WEE!

Friday, December 18, 2009


I swear I'm so not a dancing material, picking up a cultursl dance was in fact a hard thing to do...hopefully tomorrow would be a better day, as in my performance. HEE.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Glitters (SJ Prom)

A night which all have been waiting for so long (not me though)...yesterday was the prom nite of SMK Subang Jaya for the year 2009! The boys had their tuxedos or coats on to show off their masculine side while the girls let their hair down or maybe set up their hair like princesses and dressed up marvellously to portray their feminine side, in other words their voluptous bodies. An event attended by around 100 over (I assumed)students and non-students of SJ, it was certainly a glittering night for all of them. But one thing which I felt was lame was the theme, "Angels and Demons". Haha.That night was not only meant for glamour, but it was also about having fun with friends! Here are some pictures of the night,

The Gang

PS: For the first time, I danced with my heels on, and that hurts, in addition to the aches I've got from badminton.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Pentax Optio S10

Got a new digital camera which my uncle bought it for me at staff price...if not, it will cost me an arm and a leg. It's light, handy and easy to use. Definitely an ideal one for me.

PS: I'm rather apprenhensive about my placement in my host family.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Darling Zoey

*i am awake now, wee!don't i look cool in my new costume*

this lil cutie looked so adorable when she was asleep

Friday, December 11, 2009

Rate Me!

So, new spectacles, new image? How do I look?
Describe me in an adjective that you think is most appropriate:
-still the same

You rate!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hell-o Again

This is crazy..I am blogging twice a's not like I am not busy, but I begin to love blogging. As you can see, random blogging is so not my type but I'm now doing it. A trivia about me: I get too excited I guess blogging can overcome this problem of mine. I am curious to know my host family and the place I would be heading to! I think god thinks that it wouldn't do me any good if I were to find out the details of my host family earlier because of my so annoying syok sendiri-ness, so it's best I get to know later which means it could be as late as a day bëfore I leave. Yea well, i guess patience help! Signing off..

Eagerly waiting...

Found out that I will be hosting Merryn from Perak...looking forward to meet her!
May everything goes fine throughout that period.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I was cleaning my room and found just ignore the flash, i was in a dark room and wanted to make those pics clear. I missed those moments!

PS: Finally done with my books!


OMG! I can't believe it's over! SPM is finally OVER! Wait, here's another thing to fret about... preparation to the USA! It will be a massive jam for me for the whole month of December, but it's gonna be fun and challenging. The first thing that students ought to do right after their last paper is to go home and have a good sleep to rejuvenate and that's what I thought I would be doing. But hell no, I went home yesterday for a shower and headed straight to Subang Parade to purchase my new handphone. I wasn't desperate or whatsoever, but it was the fact that I needed a new one, even the salesgirl was laughing at my SO CALLED STONE AGE phone. I've got a NOKIA 5730 Xpress Music for myself. No wait, my mum bought it for me. I had lunch/ dinner at TGIF and the portion was really big that we had to take away some of those we've ordered, probably we were too greedy at the moment we looked at the menu. Although exams are over, I would still love to make a hypothesis for myself. The lesser the number of exams held, the more energised I am. I yawn as I open my books to study, but I become 100% awake after exams. Ironic huh? Interesting? Or weird? Or does the same thing apply to everyone? Adrenaline rush works on me. Why do I say so? Because I currently starring at the computer, typing out crappy stuffs in my blog, when I'M SUPPOSE TO BE CLEANING MY ROOM! DON'T BLAME ME. It's the consequences for not hooking onto the computer for...maybe 2months? 4 weeks of "LOCK MYSELF IN THE ROOM" = 1 long crappy, ridiculous post, reasonable huh? Here's another thing, say bye-bye to HIGH SCHOOL and my blue-white uniform! Oh yes, say bye-bye to Malaysian high school but say hello to American high school! But no more uniform...sobz?

OH MAN! My books for the past 2 years...

BYEBYE my dearest uniform...

Friday, December 4, 2009

Down-to-earth my dear!

My dear Jocelyn,
Please come back to reality for SPM is not over still have one more to go and WAKE UP man! Opps...

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Miracles Do Happen

A's wife almost succumbed to cancer a month ago, but it was not until A found hope in her. A's children are still at a very tender age. Fortunately, A is an established accountant who earns well to fend for his family. A stayed strong despite encountering with such problem. He was then introduced to a taoist temple in China. He decided to go on a group trip to China and took his wife along with hopes that she may cure after visiting the monks there. A week after A's trip to China, his wife went terribly ill and was admitted to hospital. It was maybe because of the detoxification process that she had undergone in China. A did not give up on his wife and for the sake of his children, he remained calm. A started praying to God (Buddha) everyday without fail. He prayed hard so that his wife was able to survive through cancer. Three weeks later, it was a quirk of fate when his wife miraculously cured from cancer. Imagine, A's wife was only 25 kg back then, but now, she could drive and move around with any assistance. A now believes in miracles. He believes that God is always there to help him and thanks to his determination, he now leads a happy life with his family. So, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AND GOD.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Terrifying December

I am posting this up even when SPM is just 7 days from now. For the sake of reducing stress, I have decided that this is the best way to release what I described as the LOAD in me. Just when SPM is just nearby and stress is accumulating in every F5 student, I could foresee how busy I would be in December! My to-do-list after SPM would be the worst list of obligations to fulfil in my entire life, I mean, not the WORST. It may not be the worst for some of you but for me, it's intimidating for now. It's so packed that I might not even have precious time to spend with my family and friends. After SPM: visa interview with US Embassy, dance practice at Taman Budaya, YES friend coming over, prom (it's up to me to decide, but since my friends are going, why not go and rock the night!), holiday plan with friends (it's a MUST) and family gathering, farewell party, damn!Terrible...

Monday, November 2, 2009

Malaysians' Joy

Oh, what a joyous day it was in Sultan Abdul Hamid Stadium, Kedah, yesterday. Yesterday was the final day of the World Junior Badminton Championship 2009 which saw the Malaysian boys' doubles pair and boys' singles player storming into the finals and of course, making the home country proud. With powerhouse like China and Indonesia around, Malaysia still proved its worth when the boys' doubles pair consisting of Chooi Kah Ming-Ow Yao Han ousted the top seed from Indonesia (Angga Pratama-Rendy Sugiarto) in the semi-final. Meanwhile, Iskandar Zulkarnain, playing in the boys' singles event, managed to avenge his defeat to Hsu Jen Hao of Taiwan previously. Saturday was considered the pre-historic day for Iskandar as he was one step closer to capture the boys' singles title when he made it for the final round. But that was not until Tian Hou Wei of China was on Iskandar's way to prevent him from becoming the first Malaysian boys' singles champion. In fact, he was defeated quite easily by Hou Wei without needing to force a rubber game. However, Malaysia's hope of winning at least a gold was kept alive by Kah Ming-Yao Han, who were the second seed in their event. Fortunately, the Malaysians outplayed the Indonesian pair of Berry Angriawan-Muhammad Ulinuha in a dashing match. The first game was taken by the Indonesians, whilst the Malaysians fired up to dominate the second game. Malaysian and Indonesian fans who gathered at the stadium, were totally zealous about the third game, so was I. Malaysia was leading in the first portion of the game but ended up trailing the Indonesians to a 16-20 lead. It turned out to be no disappointment as the Malaysians battled point for point to level the points at 20-20. *sigh of relief* Then again, it was a crucial moment for the Malaysian pair and also the home supporters! But, the Malaysians went on to seal the third game after an unforced error was made by their opponent, and that earned them the world junior champion title! The Malaysians won 19-21,21-12,23-21. Kah Ming-Yao Han is the 5th boys' doubles pair to have won a gold for Malaysia in this event. There was a double joy for China with Tian Hou Wei and Tang Jin Hua-Xia Huan clinching the boys' singles and girls' doubles titles respectively. Same goes to Thailand, who not only had a mixed doubles and a girls' singles champion, but also had their players' name on the history book. Thailand had not won any titles in the junior championships for over a decade. It was yesterday that Jongjit Maneepong-Rodjana and Ratchanok Intanon made history for Thailand!(Note: Ratchanok is only 14 years old and she defeated her older compatriot with style)

Thursday, October 29, 2009


SPM is just around the corner, to be precise it is just 19 days away from today. So, I wish all my fellow friends and peers good luck and all the best (indirectly wishing myself as well). May we pass with flying colours and once again, gambate!!

PS: My trip to the US is sponsored by AYA (Academic Year in America). I am now a AYA student! In any case that you're interested to know what's AYA all about, do visit

Saturday, October 24, 2009

US awaiting...

Letters in, I am tentatively leaving for the United States on 13 th January 2010.

PS : 2nd dose of Hepatitis A & B jab taken...

Friday, October 23, 2009


Here are the scrumptious, tantalizing, mouth watering muffins that will SURELY tempt you...

A sneak peek...

Halloween promotion at Dessert's Bar


Cobweb muffins signifying Halloween

Couldn't post up the zombie cookies from they are now in my stomach...*evil grin*

Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Token of Appreciation

A picture is worth a thousand words...

A great MESSAGE by a great TEACHER...

Saturday, October 17, 2009


HAPPY DEEPAVALI to all Indians!!! Spread the festive spirit to all Malaysians regardless races and skin colours, and it's time for us to live up to the "1 Malaysia" concept. We shall all congregrate and celebrate this joyous occasion together. Don't forget to eat as much as you can, enjoy the most out of this occasion!

Oh yea, Miss Astro grand final is scheduled today!

All the best to my favourite contestant 10 Belle!
Her picture may not do much justice, but she's smart, confident and looks simply stunning on screen.
(I like her hair too)
That's all for now. HAPPY DEEPAVALI to the Indians and HAPPY HOLS to the non-Indians!!!
PS : Fireworks at midnight!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Showers of Joy

What a great day after a tiring long day in school. Moral and Sejarah were disastrous as my hands are now in agony after writing so much for both papers. I battled my ass off to write as fast as I could but I think I didn't do well. Anyways, that's not the main point of today's post. I am here today to express my gratitude to God and all the people that have lended me their support all this while. For it may be a little awkward to say it out here, but I have to say that I am truly truly grateful to have these people around me. With that, I would like to declare myself as the YES Scholar for the batch 2010!!!!!!!!! I am officially a YES Scholar!!! Well, not exactly official yet, but Miss Siti called and informed me that I am guaranteed a place to the United States. Guarantee letters would be sent to all 40 candidates ASAP. Fiuuuu, need to continue taking my immunization jabs and make my passport soon! Once again, thank you God for all your blessings. Thank you for all your support, dad,mum,por por,kor kor, and friends (you know who you are) last but not least AFS Malaysia and AFS USA.

Cheers! Have a nice day peeps!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Starting off as just friends...

A glance around a crowded restaurant confirmed that in our trendy modern world, it is not out of the ordinary for a woman to enjoy the company of a man whom she isn't in a relationship with.
If you dare tell a 21st century woman that she cannot catch up with her male friends, she'll most likely laugh and do it anyway, just to prove to you that she can. There is also the never ending debate of whether a man and woman can truly be "JUST FRIENDS" and there are usually an equal amount of people who say yes and no. Perhaps it is in all of us, that little twinge of discomfort that we often brush away when we are sharing a happy moment with someone other than our partner. Enjoying the company of a member of the opposite sex is far from constituting infidelity, so why should we feel bad? The evolution of the interaction between men and women has certainly made it easier for us to be in a platonic relationship. Spending time alone repeatedly with a member of the opposite sex is not a crime, but it is also putting ourselves in a position where we are able to understand them better, to laugh at their jokes, to see their kind nature and keen intelligence and to fall in love, if not, lust. Most of the time, things happen naturally. That is why we would just need to go with the flow. If you're just seeking for a great friendship, then be moderate in your interaction with the opposite sex, but yet don't feel too awkward or seem too stern in keeping a distance away from the opposite sex. It is good to have friends from the opposite sex because then, you would have a variety of friends in your social circle.You would never know what is ahead of your journey with the opposite sex. So the BEST answer is to stay put to the saying that goes "just go with the flow".

Just a little of my opinion on relationships after reading Xandria Ooi's article...


Monday, October 5, 2009

Mooncake Festival

I had a chance to go for a dine out with my uncle and cousin during the mooncake festival on was a great dinner as I had the chance to taste white and red wine! Initially, I didn't want to drink, bt since a glass was already placed right in front of me, how could I resist it! I was only offered a little, as I could see that mum was going to stop me from drinking anytime if I insist for more. I preferred red tasted not too bad, with the sweetness and a little bitterness.

That's all for now...exams tomorrow! *shivers*

Friday, October 2, 2009


I am unhappy with the fact that we have another exam coming next week!Hello???We just finished our trial! Is the school aware that SPM students are not supposed to be put under immense pressure at this moment?I mean...having exams sound good as a form of training but it's too the time SPM is here, we would just be mentally exhausted. Oh man...I would rather they have exams in July then followed by trial in August! I can only accept the fact that exam is next week and I have to practically browse through my mountaining books and papers again. At least we deserve another week of rest...but now it's time for another marathon, an even more nerve wracking one!

Feeling ridiculous...

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Hey peeps!Check this out...

The girls' marching team celebrating after
competition...That was when I got the best platoon leader!By the way, we were trying to
strike a pose of what we did in our formation.
Our motto: KEMANUSIAAN TERAS PERPADUAN!(if I was not wrong)

Jia Ying, Jocelyn and Dinesh...
We managed to take a picture during RCM while watching the members.
Credits to Vincent (the cameraman)
So, those were the days. These are just 1/10 of the pictures in my collection. (I only took the ones that I felt were presentable) I am kind of missing those moments so imagine after leaving school, I would be dying to be part of these activities. Even more, I can't be here with the juniors especially for their CAMP! Anyways, it was really a great journey with the F5s BOD and the juniors throughout 2009. I would treasure these memories forever, at least till I am 50 years old. LOL.
That's about it for now. Just wanted to drop by to post something that has significance to me.
PS : I got 8A 2 B (damn EST!) Vee Li would be elated with my results...because he has beaten me in the trial.

A short post had made my day! here I am again. Got back my results today and it was surprisingly beyond my expectations...anyway, I am happy that I have improved. But to think of it, I now don't need my trial results to apply for college. I have to use my SPM results after coming back from the US. I had this thought of being oblivious about my performance in trial but then again, I felt that doing well in trial would actually encourage us to do well in SPM...and it's also a form of training!I thank god for the good results! And, today, my english teacher mentioned something about children being self centred. I totally agree with her. Who wouldn't agree with this? We, as children are being so selfish to our parents. When we need their help eg. "Mum, drive me to my friend's", "Kor, help me with those endless projects" and etc. how often they decline us? SELDOM. But when we are asked to run an errand for our parents, here comes our selfish side, eg,"Ayo,tired lar,ma" so and so. I am sharing this with everyone to remind myself not to be stingy, thoughtless and inconsiderate to our loved ones. Of course, take this as a reminder for yourself (whoever that read this post). Be grateful and always lend a helping hand to our family members regardless the reward that we crave for.

Signing off...

Friday, September 25, 2009


What a waste of time for me today! I didn't do much...I feel futile. I could hardly remember how much time I spent studying...but I could easily remember how much I slept for the past few days. It is me or time just passes by so fast?? I am a procrastinator...obviously! But anyway, I feel great after interacting with friends in facebook especially those from AFS. In a few months, our lives are going to change forever!May every moment we spent in the selection camp is cherished in us.

Alright, off to BED!

PS: Taylor's scholarship interview awaiting...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Cakes! I love cakes...who wouldn't right? Many people enjoy eating cakes but they don't know which and what are the best quality cakes. So, here let the EXPERT tell you something about cakes...hehe...

A good quality cake must have the following criterias:
-It must give one a lasting impression at first glance
-It must have the finest texture
-It has to add a wonderful taste sensation to one who eats it
Last but not least,

IT HAS TO HAVE MINIMUM FAT! (for girls who are so concerned about their weight)

Trans-fat-free peach cream
-The first time I tasted it was at my mum's friend's birthday party. It is marvellous!

Walnut brownies
-Any chocolate lover here??This is the best choice of brownie you should try out...
These are actually from secret recipe...and don't get me wrong! I am not promoting for them. It's just that I love their cakes very much!
I have those at home now and at any time I am going to enjoy every single bite of these cakes!
To all cake lovers who are afraid of being overweight here's an advice for you,
vivez la vie pleinement, nous ne vivons qu'une fois!
Signing off...

Monday, September 21, 2009


Phew! Finally a blog for me! Pretty glad that I have one now but it is to be updated more frequent in the future because there is a majorrrrrrrr exam ahead of me. And that is the disaster of all, SPM. I wanted to create a blog after SPM but looking at the rate that I am going now...I am so behind my friends so I decided to just create one now and finish it off. I supposed to be studying now, I shouldn't be BLOGGING *shakes head*...ah nevermind in just a few minutes I would have the urge to study, I hope! Okay, people so as I said, I am new in this blog thingy, so please be generous enough to offer me some criticism or I shall say advice or whatever it is. But don't be sarcastic though. Alright, it's about time. I am taking more time than I should be in this. *angel in me is telling me to stop blogging and start studying* oh no! *devil in me is calling me* oh noooooooo! I am drowned between the angel and devil in ME!!!! Okay fine...that's it for now. People, I would say goodbye for now until SPM is over. In any case, I may update my blog surely if there's any temptations to blog. There would be, definitely. But whatever it is, good luck to friends who are taking exam soon!


PS : I just took my Hepatitis A and B jab, which means...I am free from those diseases!