Friday, January 29, 2010


January is about to come to an end! That's fast. So, I have gone for theatre (watched Wonderland), boat show (took a picture of my favourite boat), Hard Rock Cafe, downtown and to the space city with some exchange students. What else, folks? What else have I not try out and should try out? If you want me to tell you what's next for me in Texas, I am sure I would have a really long list for you. Pasadena high school is now my school for the semester. What has it got to offer me? So far nothing much, but the teachers are the greatest friends including the librarians. The library is my best place for a hideout. Serene. A year ago I was in a Malaysian high school and a year later, American high school awaits me, unbelievable isn't it? Unbelievable because I'm still in high school when I'm already 17+? Haha. Here are some pictures,

1 Malaysia


In Malaysian Embassy

Kee Boon and Jo in front of Abraham Lincoln's Memorial?

In Galvestone (beach in Texas)

On host dad's boat

Hannah and Jo

Charli (AYA) and Jo

Delia, Jeanne, Jo

Thar's my car! (just JOKING)

Exchange students

Franz and Jo

Ruba (Saudi Arabia), Hanna (Brazil), Jo (MALAYSIA)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Washington DC

Hey there! 3 days in Washington DC was great!The weather here is cold but I guess I could adapt to it with my thick jacket and scarf. We were in the 4-H center for our orientation and met new people who were very friendly especially Charli my group leader. And guess what, I flew to Houston International Airport alone from DC, but it was only 3 hours though. Host mum and Hanna were there to welcome me, they made a nice big card with mmy name on it to welcome me. Sweet. DC was where the YES 2010 parted from each other to their respective host families around the US. sAD but it's a whole new adventure! When I arrived, mum and Hanna brought me for Chinese cuisine which really tasted good! The house is unique with dad's office at the lower floor. Dad is a funny and friendly person too. Mum was really nice to help me with my laundries. I apologize for not uloading pictures because mum's laptop didn't match with my camera plug. No worries, I will find my way to upload the pictures soon. Great pictures await you. Mummy at home, don't worry about me. I'm enjoying it here.
May God bless me.


PS: Going to boat show later and school starts on Tuesday.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bon Voyage

Dear readers,

I'm leaving for the US tomorrow at 2.10 AM (indirectly tonight). It has been a great 3 days of orientation camp which prepared us well enough to represent Malaysia. We're the mini duta now.LOL. Volunteers had done an awesome job to drill us and I had learnt a lot throughout the camp. Dato' Mahadzhir Lokman was there to guide us with all his vast experiences in this program (pics to be updates in facebook, maybe not my account but AFS or other friends' account). My last message typed in Malaysia,
to my friends, don't miss me!LOL. Okok, I mean take care and don't forget me, we shall meet again in July! To mummy and daddy, don't worry about me, I'm sure I'm big enough to take care of myself. I would not disappoint you all (family) and would definitely make you all PROUD. Thank you for all your support and care for all this while. Lots of love and muaxxxxx!

PS: May or may not be updating my blog, so bare with me yeah.

The journey is gonna officially begin in about 8 hours time...

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


So, 2010 has just began 5 days ago and this year marks a new chapter of my life. For a 17 years old teenage girl like me, I have never thought of having the chance to be an exchange student but now it's gonna be just about a week before I leave Malaysia,UNBELIEVABLE huh? Oh, maybe I'm not being ambitious enough to have thoughts like this. Haha. Is it me or...time just passes by so fast? I just need some empty spaces for a hiatus, but don't think I would ever have the chance for now. Anyway, make minor sacrifices for greater outcome right? Yeah, had a farewell steamboat dinner with my gang of classmates and besties. I'm not a triad leader btw.

Does that look like white wine?

My lil doggie with its tongue sticking out...

The hot couple!

Alright, off to badminton!