Saturday, April 28, 2012

Where have I been?

So....haven't been posting since CNY. Imma start from A-Levels results. I was contented with my results, not the best, but within my expectation, so no regrets or disappointment! And then, a week later, I found myself enrolled in the psychology program in IMU. You know, parents' pressure and all to start my degree quick so I don't laze around at home. Time passed by so fast that now, I find myself juggling between assignments and preparation for exam which is in almost a month time. Oh, and I have got the HKU offer which I did not accept or reject. Well, I did not reply to their offer because the deadline to reply was so soon that I didn't have time to contemplate. HKU didn't give me a scholarship so I had to decline it anyways. Parents' regulation; no scholarship, no studying abroad. So I am going to try my hands on several scholarships (for the UK offers) while doing my first semester in IMU. Local or overseas, I don't care, as long as it is a scholarship and I can reduce my parents' burden. As for life in IMU, meeting new friends was part of stepping into uni but having lecturers who are just awesome is just what I need in uni. Probably because it's psychology, its lecturers are more of the friendly and approachable type. Of course, there are some lecturers who do not belong to this league. Haha. Oh, and my batch consists of only 16 students. Pathetic or what? I kinda enjoy the small group because I could get closer to everyone; like a family. Being a batch rep wasn't easy. It's not all about responsibility but it's also about being assertive in certain matters. I guess I just have to learn from the experience and improve from there. That's all for now, it'll probably take ages before I sign in again. But bear with me!