Sunday, November 22, 2009

Miracles Do Happen

A's wife almost succumbed to cancer a month ago, but it was not until A found hope in her. A's children are still at a very tender age. Fortunately, A is an established accountant who earns well to fend for his family. A stayed strong despite encountering with such problem. He was then introduced to a taoist temple in China. He decided to go on a group trip to China and took his wife along with hopes that she may cure after visiting the monks there. A week after A's trip to China, his wife went terribly ill and was admitted to hospital. It was maybe because of the detoxification process that she had undergone in China. A did not give up on his wife and for the sake of his children, he remained calm. A started praying to God (Buddha) everyday without fail. He prayed hard so that his wife was able to survive through cancer. Three weeks later, it was a quirk of fate when his wife miraculously cured from cancer. Imagine, A's wife was only 25 kg back then, but now, she could drive and move around with any assistance. A now believes in miracles. He believes that God is always there to help him and thanks to his determination, he now leads a happy life with his family. So, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AND GOD.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Terrifying December

I am posting this up even when SPM is just 7 days from now. For the sake of reducing stress, I have decided that this is the best way to release what I described as the LOAD in me. Just when SPM is just nearby and stress is accumulating in every F5 student, I could foresee how busy I would be in December! My to-do-list after SPM would be the worst list of obligations to fulfil in my entire life, I mean, not the WORST. It may not be the worst for some of you but for me, it's intimidating for now. It's so packed that I might not even have precious time to spend with my family and friends. After SPM: visa interview with US Embassy, dance practice at Taman Budaya, YES friend coming over, prom (it's up to me to decide, but since my friends are going, why not go and rock the night!), holiday plan with friends (it's a MUST) and family gathering, farewell party, damn!Terrible...

Monday, November 2, 2009

Malaysians' Joy

Oh, what a joyous day it was in Sultan Abdul Hamid Stadium, Kedah, yesterday. Yesterday was the final day of the World Junior Badminton Championship 2009 which saw the Malaysian boys' doubles pair and boys' singles player storming into the finals and of course, making the home country proud. With powerhouse like China and Indonesia around, Malaysia still proved its worth when the boys' doubles pair consisting of Chooi Kah Ming-Ow Yao Han ousted the top seed from Indonesia (Angga Pratama-Rendy Sugiarto) in the semi-final. Meanwhile, Iskandar Zulkarnain, playing in the boys' singles event, managed to avenge his defeat to Hsu Jen Hao of Taiwan previously. Saturday was considered the pre-historic day for Iskandar as he was one step closer to capture the boys' singles title when he made it for the final round. But that was not until Tian Hou Wei of China was on Iskandar's way to prevent him from becoming the first Malaysian boys' singles champion. In fact, he was defeated quite easily by Hou Wei without needing to force a rubber game. However, Malaysia's hope of winning at least a gold was kept alive by Kah Ming-Yao Han, who were the second seed in their event. Fortunately, the Malaysians outplayed the Indonesian pair of Berry Angriawan-Muhammad Ulinuha in a dashing match. The first game was taken by the Indonesians, whilst the Malaysians fired up to dominate the second game. Malaysian and Indonesian fans who gathered at the stadium, were totally zealous about the third game, so was I. Malaysia was leading in the first portion of the game but ended up trailing the Indonesians to a 16-20 lead. It turned out to be no disappointment as the Malaysians battled point for point to level the points at 20-20. *sigh of relief* Then again, it was a crucial moment for the Malaysian pair and also the home supporters! But, the Malaysians went on to seal the third game after an unforced error was made by their opponent, and that earned them the world junior champion title! The Malaysians won 19-21,21-12,23-21. Kah Ming-Yao Han is the 5th boys' doubles pair to have won a gold for Malaysia in this event. There was a double joy for China with Tian Hou Wei and Tang Jin Hua-Xia Huan clinching the boys' singles and girls' doubles titles respectively. Same goes to Thailand, who not only had a mixed doubles and a girls' singles champion, but also had their players' name on the history book. Thailand had not won any titles in the junior championships for over a decade. It was yesterday that Jongjit Maneepong-Rodjana and Ratchanok Intanon made history for Thailand!(Note: Ratchanok is only 14 years old and she defeated her older compatriot with style)