Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Workforce

Working life has been decent. I would say it's a pretty good experience since it's my first part time job. But I can't deny that this job sure demands a lot of physical strength and substantial mental strength. Constant loading and unloading of boxes filled with brochures, mineral water, shirts and banners; all needed for roadshows and edu fairs, sums up the job scope of a part timer in IMU marketing department. Well, of course, it helps build some muscles and gives an idea of what's behind the scenes, the goodie bags that we get in edu fairs are products of the hard work of the men behind the scene : US PART TIMERS or marketing assistants. Then comes the mental strength. Working with educators actually prepares you well for your future career in terms of adequate exposure to stressful working life and also having the tendency to perform your best. People there look for perfection in work. Certain people. Generally, working has been a great experience and meeting new people adds to the excitement of going to work. There're nice people and also the not-so-pleasant people but sometimes we just have to ignore the not-so-nice ones. :)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Oh joy!

Yesterday I had my last paper for A Levels, sigh of relief! At least I am not going to be tied to any commitment for the next few months to come. No exams for the next 6 months!:)

Nothing feels better than to indulge in a cup of coffee and not worrying about books, tests, exams etc

Friday, November 11, 2011


I'm on the verge of forgetting my gmail password, so i guess i'd better sign in and hello there! I haven't been blogging since forever and after a few months of hiatus, i have finally chosen this date to start blogging again. 11.11.11, what a magnificent date!

So, what's up lately? Well, a2, a2 and a2! (a2's the A Level final examination, FYI) I'm actually still in the exam period, 2 more papers to go. Currently studying chemistry but multitasking as you should have noticed. Well, in the midst of the grueling papers, I can't help but to envision what's next for me after A Level. I'm looking forward to attend prom and most definitely, work. Skip the prom, since it's like a tradition already. It's going to be my third prom. Work! I can't deny I'm pretty excited with the thought of earning my own money (you know, getting my first pay cheque although part timers don't get one) but I'm also quite nervous about having to work with professionals, like the older and WISER people. Nevertheless, I would certainly take this chance to learn and enhance my knowledge. Oh wait, where I'm working? Well, in a marketing department of a university. Which university?? The one my mom is working in.

I have started my university applications, that's a kick start to another transition of life. I'm considering UK, as always. But the chances are slim if I don't get a financial support because my parents have made it clear to get me into the local ones if I don't get a scholarship. My alternative would be the US which is undoubtedly, my SECOND HOME. Of course, I'm considering HKU and UBC in Canada. My Chemistry lecturer once told us, "You did not study hard in A Level just to get into UNITEN or any public unis." No offence to all. I'm sure he did not mean to snub, but what he said was true in a way it served as a "wake up call" to me, telling me to work harder for my dreams! So, wish me all the luck you could and pray hard for me to get into one of these universities with a scholarship. :)

BTW, I have been watching MUM 2012 and KIMBERLY LEGGETT won! Her victory was well-favored but there're also some people who disagree with the judges' choice. I personally think there're other better candidates, though Kimberley has one of the best features among the girls. If only, Malaysian beauty queens are groomed to answer questions perfectly, they would make Malaysia proud in international pageants. But so far, none I have seen, have really captured the true essence of a beauty queen except for Deborah Henry whose explicit charm and intelligence outshined her from other beauty queens.

That's all for now. Got to get going with "stuffs" like BOOKS.

See you in a week time!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

How I Survive

The story of the survival is about to begin.

I'm awake, literally, to share with y'all how I managed my life amidst the never ending stress. Ok, off from trying to be abstract and inducting the suspense.

First, I have the results coming out next week.
Second, I have my university applications to fret.
Third, A2!

These are my main focus for now. Just so you know, I'm typing this with my Pure Math books by the side, waiting for me to finish up the last few questions I intend to do. Basically, welcome to A2 life!

Something worth mentioning here is perhaps my Math teacher's advice which actually plays a role in recuperating my spirit everytime it's on the verge of draining away. She managed to convince us that A Levels is the best way to prepare ourselves for uni. We may be undergoing immense stress throughout but it's all worthwhile when we step into uni, realising that it is going to be a walk in the park. Seeing others trying to cope with uni life would just give us a thorough satisfaction. Our decision in choosing A Levels, once put in doubt, will confirm its sovereignty.

So, this is how I survive at the moment.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Getting the better of time

Dear all,

Time passes by so fast that another month just flew,merely. I could still recall the days when my american parents were here and how we enjoyed ourselves, bringing back much of the memories we shared in US. I would say it was one of the most incredible part of 2011. Their vacation here was close to ideal as they've been to almost every attraction in KL, visited Malacca and tasted Malaysia's famous delicacies and and...most importantly, they've lived in a Malaysian home. We opted to put them in the hotel at the beginning since hotels usually have the best beds, facilities and you know...what a 4 star hotel could provide. But, they preferred to stay at our home because probably they didn't like the hassle of living quite a distance from us, ME. So,we brought them to our house, had the room ready since kor is not staying with us. They had his room during the stay.

To sum up, they really had fun here, and I don't want to share every detail of the trip since I'm not keeping abreast with my blog. Lewis was fascinated with the Malaysian architecture and Teresa pretty much liked the culture here. When we brought them to Jonker Street in Malacca, they felt a total deviation from their life in Houston as they've never experienced such gaiety atmosphere in a street filled with stalls selling food, souvenirs etc. It was a pleasant experience.

That's all for now, gotta resume revising for four tests/ quizzes next week. And, the results of AS are to be released on August 11th. *crossed fingers*

Te amo, los lectores!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Day 1- Arrival of Lewis and Teresa

I just feel that i have to share a part of the adventure with y'all before the night ends. Today, July 3rd 2011, is one of the most nostalgic moments of my life. As you know or may not know or have yet to know, my american parents are here in Malaysia for 10 days. My mom and i arrived at KLIA about 615pm as the arrival time is due 7pm. Technically, we waited long before the American couple who once loved and still love me appeared from the glass doors. Mom and i, or i'd say just me was in panic mode and couldnt help but to feel uneasy when we still did nt see the americans comin through the doors. The sort of ordeal ended when i saw..a couple clad in bright colored attires heading towards us. Lewis had already seen me before teresa finally had her eyes on me. Lewis spreaded his arms to ask for a hug when i was scurrying towards them and before i knew, i was already in the embrace. Next, i hugged teresa. I was teary at that moment and all i could do was to smile with all my heart. Mom introduced herself before we left for the car. The journey to Subang for dinner was a long one bt it did nt dampen the americans' spirit despite the almost 30hours flight excursions they'd to endure. We talked about everything we did not manage to catch up in the past and at the same time, looked out the window to enjoy the night view. We finally arrived at the New Ipoh chic rice restaurant after a 1hour journey. Dad joined us and we had a scrumptious dinner. They loved it, regardless of the Asian style of cooking with spice and chilli and the large portion of rice we ate. Later, the parents, i mean both american and biological ones were indulged in a heavy discussion on guns and motorcycles,yada yada yada. Almost 11pm, we sent them to the hotel and called it a day! We decided to let them rest after a long flight.Tomorrow's gonna be better!As cliched as it is, words cannot describe how grateful i am to have them here. It just reminds me of my time in the US. Adventure to the KL tower tomorrow!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Expectations...for June

What more can I expect in June? It's towards the end of this spectacular month, and I don't want it to come to an ending.

Let's start off with the birthday. My birthday this year was so far one of the best I had, in Malaysia. Let's not talk about what surprises I had. Instead, talk about the fun and crazy part of this celebration. Arrived in Pyramid with Jez, and I was only expecting Elaine to be there. Amidst looking for E, I detected a few of the not-supposed-to-be-there people; Lin Yen, Lynette and Sze Munn. WTH? That was the surprise that night. We gathered at Zanmai, only to discover how long the queue was. By the time we are allowed to enter the restaurant, I will be famished. Then, headed to Kim Gary. Oh boy, that was hell of an experience walking out of the restaurant after settling down at one of the tables. I used to feel embarassed when my mom walks out of the restaurant after looking at menu. And that day, I did the same thing like my mom. LOL. Browsing through the menu, not knowing what to order, and with the "well, it's my birthday so I have the right to decide" thought running through my mind, I decided to walk out of the restaurant with the rest. Jez, was pathetic, when he pretended to be on the phone and walked out of KG. We had Sakae in the end. Haha. Sakae's always one of my favourite Japanese restaurant. So, ordered my classic Sakae all time favourite, the unagi dish. The dinner went on smoothly, until....E lost her handbag in the ladies'. So, we embarked on the search mission and finally found her Roxy; the only spoiler was that she had lost a large sum of cash.

So, later on, we decided to come over to my house to indulge in some beers. Watched a movie, camwhored (started by Sze) , that was when the crazy part began. Not to forget, the wonderful cupcakes surprise. I was going to get some drinks for them when the surprise came. They somehow managed to off all the lights in the living room and light the candles and prepare to sing the HAPPY BIRTHDAY song when I enter the hall. The cupcakes were delicious but I couldn't finish them in one shot. And nobody seemed to be hunting for The next day, I brought the cupcakes out of the fridge and I realised the wordings carved on the cupcakes, "We luv u, Jo!" That was the sweetest part of the celebration. Gosh, these bunch of awesome people!
Then, there was also a surprise in college. A good friend of mine brought in a birthday cake at the beginning of the Chem class. Slightly embarassed because the lecturer was there, but he seemed to have achieved an agreement with the classmates to have the cake in during his class. Yea, they chose the right cake which is one of my favourite cakes. Overall, a great celebration this year!

A week later, came the IELTS. Don't think I did exceptionally well, but to have gained the minimum band required for the universities is enough, hopefully.

And now, I stucked among stacks of papers which are the assignments for the break. They are due after the break. So, let's get going!

Finally, the moment I've been waiting for, the arrival of my host parents on this Sunday. I'm pretty anxious to see them again. But, at the same time, I hope I'm able to juggle between class hours and my tour guide hours. I will be their tour guide when they come!

Okay, I'm typing to much in this post. Probably the longest post I have in the blog.

That's all for now.

Hasta luego!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Cheers for June!

June would be a month packed with happenings as I await with bated breath for exams, my birthday and outings with friends. Let's start with exams. Had the AS exam which ended 3 days ago, my performance was just satisfactory; something which I'm quite unhappy of. May God help me pull through this rocky road. Next up, I know, even if I've had the chance to breathe now, A2 would be just right around the corner in a blink of eye. Urgh, suffocation.

Birthday is next in the fray. Finally, something positive. Nothing much to expect though. Just want to recall my 18th birthday in the US. Oh, how I miss Lewis's brownies!

One more thing that I missed out about exams, I'm going to take my IELTS exam very soon. Good luck to me, considering the short duration I have for preparation. Yes, blame AS.

Recently, I got to know about AIESEC, a NGO which provides exchange opportunities for youths to undergo internship program abroad. I am really thankful that I passed the interview. And I am a soon to be AIESEC exchange participant. Yay or nay? Nay because parents might not allow me to be in the program. Firstly, if I were to be sent to a developing country like Philippines; they may not want me to risk my safety. So, fingers crossed and let's see what happens next.

Now that I'm free from confinement of exams, I ought to post more often.



Wednesday, May 4, 2011

AS fear

Good day!

Today's one of the days where I skip classes prior to the AS external examinations which is just 4 days from now. So, I decided that I should post something in the blog, just to break the 2 months hiatus in blogging, and it would be another long hiatus before I start blogging again. I shall, no I have to omit the AS part (though my title speaks of AS), just so I won't spoil my blogging mood today.

Well, something really amazing, I mean like seriously AMAZING happened lately in college. April 13th was a historical date for all Inti-ans, specifically Pre-U students who actually made it to the headlines by painting the biggest Inti logo on cloth in Malaysia and our attempt was officiated by the Malaysian Book of Records. What made us, students and even lecturers more ecstatic about this whole thing is that our successful attempt was published in several newspapers and also broadcasted in 8TV Quickie! The attempt saw approximately 300 students shedding tears and sweat over the initially plain white cloth and finally, the hard work was paid off! Being part of the Pre-U committee makes me even more proud of our achievement and we were the first batch of students to establish the club.

"First amongst equals"

So that's it for now and I'll be back after examinations!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Implications of College

A random thought that I had like to share with y'all.

It suddenly appeared in my mind how I was so actively involved in ECA during the high school days and it is of such a contrast to my college life. I had Red Crescent, SPBT, badminton, Buddhist Society, all with assigned positions and burdened with heavy responsibilities, yet, I somehow was able to cope and in fact, I enjoyed myself during my reign in the respective positions. Despite being engaged in all these ECA during the uniform days, I have to admit that college is just a place to study and earn good grades for me FULL STOP. Well, I do have commitments such as the Pre-U Club and the newly joined Editorial Board. It's just that these do not place their importance in me anymore, not of utmost importance like in high school. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to be active in more clubs but that's all I could afford as an A Level student.

Recently, I came across this high school senior of mine and we had a brief conversation to catch up with each other. I told him that I'm pretty occupied in A Level and immediately, he gave me this look of disbelief. "Are you kidding me?? You're the first who has ever say that!" I couldn't help but to wonder WHO THE HELL said A Level is a piece of cake! But, I didn't dare to comment much on this since everyone has their opinions depending on how they perceive the standard of their course. So, back on track about ECA. Yeah, as I said, ECA is not anymore a commitment to me because all I wanted from Inti is my dream grades. However, I will hold full responsibility to what I have indulged myself in and at least leave college with a few certificates of reasonable involvement in ECA.

This is life. As we grow older, there are more knowledge to absorb, more sophisticated terms to remember and greater dreams to achieve!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Week after CNY

Well, I had my first CNY celebration after returning from the US and I am very grateful for that. Skipping a year of CNY celebration isn't really a drawback to me, since I had wonderful American mom and dad to treat me with CNY dinner and offer me the red packets *grin*. This CNY was a fruitful one as it came with new experiences and opportunities. I finally had a "cheongsam" to wear this year and had the privilege to drink! Seriously, I've tried about 4 different types of wine, red and white ones which certainly got me a little off par but I still managed to handle the mediocre alcohol content.

Then, the one week break ended when "reality" crawls in, it's time for college again! And college is merely filled with excitement, not for the lectures BUT for the prep of the attempt to paint the BIGGEST Inti logo in Malaysia *bangga* let's just hope it's gonna be a success.

So, that's about it for now. TEST tomorrow, and more to dread in coming weeks!

Hasta luego!

Friday, January 7, 2011

My All in One Update

So, amidst boredom yesterday, I had to post up something out of desperation, for the sake of the urge that made me blog. And today, I decided that a proper update is fundamental to start off 2011. I realized that I have not made any new year's resolution which is very pathetic of me. It was because I was away for a hectic vacation in Ipoh that I didn't have the time to make my resolution and I hope it's not too late to make one, wait I have a few, yes a few,how greedy of me. Let me voraciously announce my resolution of year 2011:

- Try my very best to do well in SAT

- Ace A level

- Stay physically fit (I had surely gained a few pounds after devouring much of the food in Ipoh)

Speaking of Ipoh, it wasn't just a Ipoh vacation, it was like a 3 places vacation in one state. Due to the amount of relatives my mom has in Perak, I was fortuitous enough to have visited Ipoh (of course), KK and Taiping. Imagine how much I have eaten throughout the whole trip, ugh. But, it was enjoyable, really enticing food coupled with hospitality from the relatives. One thing, I met Peter, the wild boar, oh no I am not kidding. He seems pretty tame, though he's wild yeah I see the irony. Anyways, rumors say that touching it could help one strike 4D!!???? My mom and aunt were ecstatic about it...and there goes the whole troop surrounding Peter. Besides that, I had the chance to visit Perak cave which was truly breathtaking. We had to climb 400 flight of stairs just to reach the peak. No, we didn't climb that high. I climbed only 1/4 of the steps, the rest were left unattempted. Haha and my new year resolution is to be fit????LOL I actually had to endure the cold that I have got during the trip so I wasn't too fit to climb that high. That's about it for the trip that flourished my semester break.

In 2 days, a new semester would dawn, and here comes all the lecture hall and library moments. Interestingly, I have only 4 days of classes per week..???? Yeah, I guess that comes with a
tougher semester to bear with.
Soup of the day!
Today ends with a good meal from Black Canyon!
PS: Nutrition and dietatics as my future???

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Amidst boredom...

Good morning peeps! Yes, it's 1.12 am and I am still awake.