Wednesday, May 4, 2011

AS fear

Good day!

Today's one of the days where I skip classes prior to the AS external examinations which is just 4 days from now. So, I decided that I should post something in the blog, just to break the 2 months hiatus in blogging, and it would be another long hiatus before I start blogging again. I shall, no I have to omit the AS part (though my title speaks of AS), just so I won't spoil my blogging mood today.

Well, something really amazing, I mean like seriously AMAZING happened lately in college. April 13th was a historical date for all Inti-ans, specifically Pre-U students who actually made it to the headlines by painting the biggest Inti logo on cloth in Malaysia and our attempt was officiated by the Malaysian Book of Records. What made us, students and even lecturers more ecstatic about this whole thing is that our successful attempt was published in several newspapers and also broadcasted in 8TV Quickie! The attempt saw approximately 300 students shedding tears and sweat over the initially plain white cloth and finally, the hard work was paid off! Being part of the Pre-U committee makes me even more proud of our achievement and we were the first batch of students to establish the club.

"First amongst equals"

So that's it for now and I'll be back after examinations!