Friday, September 25, 2009


What a waste of time for me today! I didn't do much...I feel futile. I could hardly remember how much time I spent studying...but I could easily remember how much I slept for the past few days. It is me or time just passes by so fast?? I am a procrastinator...obviously! But anyway, I feel great after interacting with friends in facebook especially those from AFS. In a few months, our lives are going to change forever!May every moment we spent in the selection camp is cherished in us.

Alright, off to BED!

PS: Taylor's scholarship interview awaiting...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Cakes! I love cakes...who wouldn't right? Many people enjoy eating cakes but they don't know which and what are the best quality cakes. So, here let the EXPERT tell you something about cakes...hehe...

A good quality cake must have the following criterias:
-It must give one a lasting impression at first glance
-It must have the finest texture
-It has to add a wonderful taste sensation to one who eats it
Last but not least,

IT HAS TO HAVE MINIMUM FAT! (for girls who are so concerned about their weight)

Trans-fat-free peach cream
-The first time I tasted it was at my mum's friend's birthday party. It is marvellous!

Walnut brownies
-Any chocolate lover here??This is the best choice of brownie you should try out...
These are actually from secret recipe...and don't get me wrong! I am not promoting for them. It's just that I love their cakes very much!
I have those at home now and at any time I am going to enjoy every single bite of these cakes!
To all cake lovers who are afraid of being overweight here's an advice for you,
vivez la vie pleinement, nous ne vivons qu'une fois!
Signing off...

Monday, September 21, 2009


Phew! Finally a blog for me! Pretty glad that I have one now but it is to be updated more frequent in the future because there is a majorrrrrrrr exam ahead of me. And that is the disaster of all, SPM. I wanted to create a blog after SPM but looking at the rate that I am going now...I am so behind my friends so I decided to just create one now and finish it off. I supposed to be studying now, I shouldn't be BLOGGING *shakes head*...ah nevermind in just a few minutes I would have the urge to study, I hope! Okay, people so as I said, I am new in this blog thingy, so please be generous enough to offer me some criticism or I shall say advice or whatever it is. But don't be sarcastic though. Alright, it's about time. I am taking more time than I should be in this. *angel in me is telling me to stop blogging and start studying* oh no! *devil in me is calling me* oh noooooooo! I am drowned between the angel and devil in ME!!!! Okay fine...that's it for now. People, I would say goodbye for now until SPM is over. In any case, I may update my blog surely if there's any temptations to blog. There would be, definitely. But whatever it is, good luck to friends who are taking exam soon!


PS : I just took my Hepatitis A and B jab, which means...I am free from those diseases!