Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Workforce

Working life has been decent. I would say it's a pretty good experience since it's my first part time job. But I can't deny that this job sure demands a lot of physical strength and substantial mental strength. Constant loading and unloading of boxes filled with brochures, mineral water, shirts and banners; all needed for roadshows and edu fairs, sums up the job scope of a part timer in IMU marketing department. Well, of course, it helps build some muscles and gives an idea of what's behind the scenes, the goodie bags that we get in edu fairs are products of the hard work of the men behind the scene : US PART TIMERS or marketing assistants. Then comes the mental strength. Working with educators actually prepares you well for your future career in terms of adequate exposure to stressful working life and also having the tendency to perform your best. People there look for perfection in work. Certain people. Generally, working has been a great experience and meeting new people adds to the excitement of going to work. There're nice people and also the not-so-pleasant people but sometimes we just have to ignore the not-so-nice ones. :)