Friday, March 12, 2010


Thank you God.
Thank you my loveliest mom, dad, grandma and kor.
Thank you my awesome teachers of SJ.
Thank you my bestest friends.

Thank you my kindest SPM markers.

PS: Tutoring kids has been a great experience. I'm gonna get my sailing cert soon. Alabama awaiting.

Monday, March 8, 2010

A Texan's Pride

Being gifted with the opportunity to be an exchange student representing Malaysia and of course, the privilege to be a Texan, is definitely the greatest pride in my life. It is only the 7th week since I arrived in the United States but I already had so many wonderful shades of colors in my life. Last Friday, my host mom drove us all the way from Houston to Terrell to spend our weekend with her friend and some exchange students. The night journey took her 6 hours to reach Terrell. On Saturday, I had the most terrific yet incredible day of my life in Six Flags, Dallas! Never in my life I had gone for so many rides in a day and it was an unforgettable experience for me. I was with a group of exchange students from Saudi Arabia, Brazil and Germany; that made the experience much more enriching. I unbelievably went on the Titan ride which has a maximum thrill rate and it is the largest ride in Texas. What a great thrill that was; it was fun to possess the feeling of fear and excitement at the same time, especially with a group of adventurous friends. That day, I tried on many rides which I never dared to ride in Malaysia; I had a great time with my friends from other countries. I even had myself drawn in caricature. Before we left on Sunday, we had managed to share our culture and knowledge of our respective countries with one another. I got to know more about the culture of Saudi Arabia and Peru from our sharing session. I also had a Peruvian breakfast style; hot Cappuccino and empanadas (Peruvian meat pie), tantalizing isn’t it? The trip to Terrell and Dallas was one of the most amazing trip of my stay so far as it had so much to offer to an exchange student like me. Yes, I’m proud to be a Texan!

Check out for me too!

Monday, March 1, 2010

44th day, 6th week in USA

Had some free time today, so I decided to post some updates on my activities for the past 2 weeks. I tried Columbian food which was absolutely superb, especially the desert and the fried banana. I had the chance to experience Houston's CNY, unbelievable wasn't it? Frankly, there're lots of Asians in Houston, it's beyond my expectation to encounter more Asians and Hispanic here. Well, afterall we're still TEXANS! Teresa brought me to watch a lion dance in Bellaire last weekend, it was crowded; even Americans came to join the excitement. 50 firecrackers at least were burnt; they were loud. Last Friday, Pier (Teresa's bro) treated us with a great dinner, mmmmm deliciosa! The serviche was good! And this weekend, I attended Seidy's birthday party which was a blast though it was only amongst family members. FELIZ CUMPLEANOS SEIDY! I bought her a set of Barbie accessories and a Hello Kitty soft toy; she liked it obviously. I'm gonna be occupied next weekend as I'm going to Dallas, so I wouldn't have time for updates. Can't wait for the rodeo show on the following weekend!

In front of Buddhist temple in Bellaire

Roaring lion dance

3 milk cream cake;Columbian style; EXCELLENT

With the bday girl!

Carlos caught a glimpse of the greedy girl, while Heydi looked tempted

PS: Realizing the fact that it has already been more than a month since I arrived, I don't want time to pass by so fast. It's not because I dont wanna go home, but there are too much for me to live through and that time needs to move slower for me to have sufficient time to enjoy the most out of these 6 months. Still, I love you, everyone at home!