Tuesday, April 20, 2010

3rd 6th week term; Holocaust

It is already my 3rd 6th week term here; progress report is about to be released! It has never worried me when it comes to this because I've always achieved what I wanted. So, as I say PROGRESS REPORT aka report card...I made a perfect 100 for English Holocaust Literature which is something to be proud of because I've never studied Holocaust in Malaysia but now that I'm being exposed to Holocaust, it does do wonders to me.
Well, The Holocaust was the deliberate murder and persecution of the Jews by the Nazis who came into power in Germany in 1933; lead by the infamous Adolf Hitler. The Nazis' rise of power had certainly left a black mark in the world's history.
Personally, The Holocaust has made me realise that endless power could do much jeopardy to the human race. The rise of Nazi power had lead almost the entire Jewish race to be killed, nevertheless, those who were alive were brought to labor/ concentration camps to work to death.
One thing which has terrified me was the burning of the Jews' bodies in the crematorium in the purpose of eliminating the Jewish race. That was unbelievable, yet it has proven to us that the burning of human bodies was the worst form of death ever happened in the human race history.
Holocaust Literature has been my favourite these days. I've read several Holocaust books which really interest me. HOLOCAUST ROCKS!

Just thought that it would be a good idea to share a little about The Holocaust since many people are still ignorant of this and that it is wise to learn about it so that we WILL NOT repeat history again.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Belated Spring Update

I had spring break a couple of weeks ago and though it was just a week of break, I had enjoyed the most out of it. I went to New Orleans,Louisiana, Gadsden, Alabama and Atlanta, Georgia. 3 states in a week, wonderful right? I travelled by car with my host mom, her sis, Ruba and Elly. The experience was awesome. The most memorable activity was going on the Skyrider...it was challenging but exciting! The best part was being able to have our own apartment in Alabama. We really had fun by having the place all by ourselves. Honestly, I love Alabama the most, with the hills and greenery, it was just breathtaking. See you in 10 years time, Alabama!

In New Orleans

The Skyrider

The Coca-cola Factory

Baju kebaya in Alabama

Oh, I found my first picture in Houston!

Enjoy viewing the pictures! More updates to come...love y'all!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The New Way


Jocelyn has been in the United States since January 16, 2010. This statement plays in my mind everyday with me counting the days since I've been here. I would rather count the days I've been here than count the days left for my stay in the US. I know. I know it is resentful to confess, but here I want to make a revelation, a MAJOR one. I am slowly changing into a new person, I hope. A better person, a better Jocelyn. Since stepping onto the lone star state, Texas, I'm amazed by how structured the state is and of course, the amiable people have warmed my heart. Not to forget, the wonderful host family I have. They are one of the nicest people I've ever met besides my parents.

I've learnt and still learning, that adaptation is the new way of living. I don't expect people to change for me, I change to adapt. That's the way for an exchange student. I never know what would happen next, so I am learning to not expect, trying hard indeed. This part of my journey would leave the deepest impact in my life; which I would remember forever. I struggle sometimes, but it doesn't matter, that would only make my experience more fruitful!

Enrolled in Pasadena High School, I stepped into a new life as an American teenager. It was different, still very different for me. But, I would still stick to AFS's saying, no right or wrong one, just differentlah...haha! New friends, definitely new perspective of life and absolutely a golden experience.

YES has changed my life greatly. It has given me a brand new life which gives me a promising future. I hope to promote YES to the younger generation. I want to tell them, YES, has inspired me to live beyond my boundaries, yet to not omit my roots. *crossed fingers* I shall be a better person once I return. However, I would still be mommy's and daddy's girl! I would still be the friend of my friends, the same Jocelyn Tang Phaik Lin!

Me encanta mi vida y la familia