Saturday, March 5, 2011

Implications of College

A random thought that I had like to share with y'all.

It suddenly appeared in my mind how I was so actively involved in ECA during the high school days and it is of such a contrast to my college life. I had Red Crescent, SPBT, badminton, Buddhist Society, all with assigned positions and burdened with heavy responsibilities, yet, I somehow was able to cope and in fact, I enjoyed myself during my reign in the respective positions. Despite being engaged in all these ECA during the uniform days, I have to admit that college is just a place to study and earn good grades for me FULL STOP. Well, I do have commitments such as the Pre-U Club and the newly joined Editorial Board. It's just that these do not place their importance in me anymore, not of utmost importance like in high school. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to be active in more clubs but that's all I could afford as an A Level student.

Recently, I came across this high school senior of mine and we had a brief conversation to catch up with each other. I told him that I'm pretty occupied in A Level and immediately, he gave me this look of disbelief. "Are you kidding me?? You're the first who has ever say that!" I couldn't help but to wonder WHO THE HELL said A Level is a piece of cake! But, I didn't dare to comment much on this since everyone has their opinions depending on how they perceive the standard of their course. So, back on track about ECA. Yeah, as I said, ECA is not anymore a commitment to me because all I wanted from Inti is my dream grades. However, I will hold full responsibility to what I have indulged myself in and at least leave college with a few certificates of reasonable involvement in ECA.

This is life. As we grow older, there are more knowledge to absorb, more sophisticated terms to remember and greater dreams to achieve!