Monday, July 26, 2010

4th week

My 4th week in Malaysia! Mom would always tell me to get back to reality when I compare my life in Houston with my life in Malaysia. I know, I know. But sometimes just the joy of saying it would bring back fond memories, I cant resist the urge to reminisce.
Darn, I'm deeply craving for JACK IN THE BOX!!!! There was a Jack in the Box near my house and I remember how convenient it was to get their ranch chicken burger. No fast food outlet in Malaysia would beat the crispness of their chicken and the ever mouth watering french fries they have there!
Oh yes, went for the 5 hours driving course, which was dead boring. Something from the course just seemed to lower my confidence in driving LOL.

Monday, July 19, 2010


It has been 2 weeks already since I returned.
Everything seems to be different to me now. Maybe not all but partially.
I guess it's pretty normal to possess this kinda feeling for a YES returnee.
College started; I'm enrolled in the Cambridge A Level, thanks to Inti for the tuition waiver.
I remembered school in America was slow paced and everything was easy to grasp.
But now, college isn't that easy. Well, that's life.
On the other perspective, life has been so wonderful for me for the past 6 months for me to reminisce. I was blessed and is still blessed to have brilliant people around who love me and care for me.
Had Wiggy, the German exchange student for the weekend and really loved her. Too bad, she's gone far north.
Everyone seems to be dead in their blog (my friends at least) but I decided to revive mine at least occasionally since I find it one of the easiest way to express myself.
I realised that I needed some space, room to breathe. Probably I started college too early that I did not give myself adequate rest. But, I think I'm catching up now with Malaysian life though I still find my bed a little hard to sleep on and my routine rather unusual for a Malaysian teenager.
Nevermind. Things take time to recover.

Alright, time to sleep and hopefully I could sleep soundly after few nights of not-so-pleasant sleep.

PS: "You're now in Malaysia, not America. Down-to-earth, Jocelyn."