Saturday, November 19, 2011

Oh joy!

Yesterday I had my last paper for A Levels, sigh of relief! At least I am not going to be tied to any commitment for the next few months to come. No exams for the next 6 months!:)

Nothing feels better than to indulge in a cup of coffee and not worrying about books, tests, exams etc

Friday, November 11, 2011


I'm on the verge of forgetting my gmail password, so i guess i'd better sign in and hello there! I haven't been blogging since forever and after a few months of hiatus, i have finally chosen this date to start blogging again. 11.11.11, what a magnificent date!

So, what's up lately? Well, a2, a2 and a2! (a2's the A Level final examination, FYI) I'm actually still in the exam period, 2 more papers to go. Currently studying chemistry but multitasking as you should have noticed. Well, in the midst of the grueling papers, I can't help but to envision what's next for me after A Level. I'm looking forward to attend prom and most definitely, work. Skip the prom, since it's like a tradition already. It's going to be my third prom. Work! I can't deny I'm pretty excited with the thought of earning my own money (you know, getting my first pay cheque although part timers don't get one) but I'm also quite nervous about having to work with professionals, like the older and WISER people. Nevertheless, I would certainly take this chance to learn and enhance my knowledge. Oh wait, where I'm working? Well, in a marketing department of a university. Which university?? The one my mom is working in.

I have started my university applications, that's a kick start to another transition of life. I'm considering UK, as always. But the chances are slim if I don't get a financial support because my parents have made it clear to get me into the local ones if I don't get a scholarship. My alternative would be the US which is undoubtedly, my SECOND HOME. Of course, I'm considering HKU and UBC in Canada. My Chemistry lecturer once told us, "You did not study hard in A Level just to get into UNITEN or any public unis." No offence to all. I'm sure he did not mean to snub, but what he said was true in a way it served as a "wake up call" to me, telling me to work harder for my dreams! So, wish me all the luck you could and pray hard for me to get into one of these universities with a scholarship. :)

BTW, I have been watching MUM 2012 and KIMBERLY LEGGETT won! Her victory was well-favored but there're also some people who disagree with the judges' choice. I personally think there're other better candidates, though Kimberley has one of the best features among the girls. If only, Malaysian beauty queens are groomed to answer questions perfectly, they would make Malaysia proud in international pageants. But so far, none I have seen, have really captured the true essence of a beauty queen except for Deborah Henry whose explicit charm and intelligence outshined her from other beauty queens.

That's all for now. Got to get going with "stuffs" like BOOKS.

See you in a week time!