Sunday, July 31, 2011

Getting the better of time

Dear all,

Time passes by so fast that another month just flew,merely. I could still recall the days when my american parents were here and how we enjoyed ourselves, bringing back much of the memories we shared in US. I would say it was one of the most incredible part of 2011. Their vacation here was close to ideal as they've been to almost every attraction in KL, visited Malacca and tasted Malaysia's famous delicacies and and...most importantly, they've lived in a Malaysian home. We opted to put them in the hotel at the beginning since hotels usually have the best beds, facilities and you know...what a 4 star hotel could provide. But, they preferred to stay at our home because probably they didn't like the hassle of living quite a distance from us, ME. So,we brought them to our house, had the room ready since kor is not staying with us. They had his room during the stay.

To sum up, they really had fun here, and I don't want to share every detail of the trip since I'm not keeping abreast with my blog. Lewis was fascinated with the Malaysian architecture and Teresa pretty much liked the culture here. When we brought them to Jonker Street in Malacca, they felt a total deviation from their life in Houston as they've never experienced such gaiety atmosphere in a street filled with stalls selling food, souvenirs etc. It was a pleasant experience.

That's all for now, gotta resume revising for four tests/ quizzes next week. And, the results of AS are to be released on August 11th. *crossed fingers*

Te amo, los lectores!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Day 1- Arrival of Lewis and Teresa

I just feel that i have to share a part of the adventure with y'all before the night ends. Today, July 3rd 2011, is one of the most nostalgic moments of my life. As you know or may not know or have yet to know, my american parents are here in Malaysia for 10 days. My mom and i arrived at KLIA about 615pm as the arrival time is due 7pm. Technically, we waited long before the American couple who once loved and still love me appeared from the glass doors. Mom and i, or i'd say just me was in panic mode and couldnt help but to feel uneasy when we still did nt see the americans comin through the doors. The sort of ordeal ended when i saw..a couple clad in bright colored attires heading towards us. Lewis had already seen me before teresa finally had her eyes on me. Lewis spreaded his arms to ask for a hug when i was scurrying towards them and before i knew, i was already in the embrace. Next, i hugged teresa. I was teary at that moment and all i could do was to smile with all my heart. Mom introduced herself before we left for the car. The journey to Subang for dinner was a long one bt it did nt dampen the americans' spirit despite the almost 30hours flight excursions they'd to endure. We talked about everything we did not manage to catch up in the past and at the same time, looked out the window to enjoy the night view. We finally arrived at the New Ipoh chic rice restaurant after a 1hour journey. Dad joined us and we had a scrumptious dinner. They loved it, regardless of the Asian style of cooking with spice and chilli and the large portion of rice we ate. Later, the parents, i mean both american and biological ones were indulged in a heavy discussion on guns and motorcycles,yada yada yada. Almost 11pm, we sent them to the hotel and called it a day! We decided to let them rest after a long flight.Tomorrow's gonna be better!As cliched as it is, words cannot describe how grateful i am to have them here. It just reminds me of my time in the US. Adventure to the KL tower tomorrow!