Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Expectations...for June

What more can I expect in June? It's towards the end of this spectacular month, and I don't want it to come to an ending.

Let's start off with the birthday. My birthday this year was so far one of the best I had, in Malaysia. Let's not talk about what surprises I had. Instead, talk about the fun and crazy part of this celebration. Arrived in Pyramid with Jez, and I was only expecting Elaine to be there. Amidst looking for E, I detected a few of the not-supposed-to-be-there people; Lin Yen, Lynette and Sze Munn. WTH? That was the surprise that night. We gathered at Zanmai, only to discover how long the queue was. By the time we are allowed to enter the restaurant, I will be famished. Then, headed to Kim Gary. Oh boy, that was hell of an experience walking out of the restaurant after settling down at one of the tables. I used to feel embarassed when my mom walks out of the restaurant after looking at menu. And that day, I did the same thing like my mom. LOL. Browsing through the menu, not knowing what to order, and with the "well, it's my birthday so I have the right to decide" thought running through my mind, I decided to walk out of the restaurant with the rest. Jez, was pathetic, when he pretended to be on the phone and walked out of KG. We had Sakae in the end. Haha. Sakae's always one of my favourite Japanese restaurant. So, ordered my classic Sakae all time favourite, the unagi dish. The dinner went on smoothly, until....E lost her handbag in the ladies'. So, we embarked on the search mission and finally found her Roxy; the only spoiler was that she had lost a large sum of cash.

So, later on, we decided to come over to my house to indulge in some beers. Watched a movie, camwhored (started by Sze) , that was when the crazy part began. Not to forget, the wonderful cupcakes surprise. I was going to get some drinks for them when the surprise came. They somehow managed to off all the lights in the living room and light the candles and prepare to sing the HAPPY BIRTHDAY song when I enter the hall. The cupcakes were delicious but I couldn't finish them in one shot. And nobody seemed to be hunting for The next day, I brought the cupcakes out of the fridge and I realised the wordings carved on the cupcakes, "We luv u, Jo!" That was the sweetest part of the celebration. Gosh, these bunch of awesome people!
Then, there was also a surprise in college. A good friend of mine brought in a birthday cake at the beginning of the Chem class. Slightly embarassed because the lecturer was there, but he seemed to have achieved an agreement with the classmates to have the cake in during his class. Yea, they chose the right cake which is one of my favourite cakes. Overall, a great celebration this year!

A week later, came the IELTS. Don't think I did exceptionally well, but to have gained the minimum band required for the universities is enough, hopefully.

And now, I stucked among stacks of papers which are the assignments for the break. They are due after the break. So, let's get going!

Finally, the moment I've been waiting for, the arrival of my host parents on this Sunday. I'm pretty anxious to see them again. But, at the same time, I hope I'm able to juggle between class hours and my tour guide hours. I will be their tour guide when they come!

Okay, I'm typing to much in this post. Probably the longest post I have in the blog.

That's all for now.

Hasta luego!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Cheers for June!

June would be a month packed with happenings as I await with bated breath for exams, my birthday and outings with friends. Let's start with exams. Had the AS exam which ended 3 days ago, my performance was just satisfactory; something which I'm quite unhappy of. May God help me pull through this rocky road. Next up, I know, even if I've had the chance to breathe now, A2 would be just right around the corner in a blink of eye. Urgh, suffocation.

Birthday is next in the fray. Finally, something positive. Nothing much to expect though. Just want to recall my 18th birthday in the US. Oh, how I miss Lewis's brownies!

One more thing that I missed out about exams, I'm going to take my IELTS exam very soon. Good luck to me, considering the short duration I have for preparation. Yes, blame AS.

Recently, I got to know about AIESEC, a NGO which provides exchange opportunities for youths to undergo internship program abroad. I am really thankful that I passed the interview. And I am a soon to be AIESEC exchange participant. Yay or nay? Nay because parents might not allow me to be in the program. Firstly, if I were to be sent to a developing country like Philippines; they may not want me to risk my safety. So, fingers crossed and let's see what happens next.

Now that I'm free from confinement of exams, I ought to post more often.