Sunday, October 24, 2010

a little something...

Seeing this picture reminds me of this unforgetable experience of mine in Gadsden Alabama. People might be oblivious about this particular place, but to me, it meant a string of memories. I just loved its greenery, not to mention the gutsy hills. You just can't help but to feel so blessed as you wake up in the morning with beautiful sights coupled with pure fresh air around you. Believe me. I remembered telling myself that I will be back in 10 years time. I was hosted in Texas but Alabama left a lasting impression in me.

So, as I was lying on the couch waiting for lunch, something ran through my mind. I wondered how much I changed after my 6 months stint. Honestly, I dont see much transition, but perhaps a tiny bit of me has shown some differences in terms of maturity and confidence. In anyway, I still feel gratified for all these that happened in my life.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Life's a fuss...

I should have corrected's a mess. Ups and downs of life are the norms we face in every moment of life. Nobody would believe if I say life's none other than perfection. So wrong. As time slowly creep by, things deliberately changed. From not being able to accept failure easily to one who is able to see failure in a positive way, I finally saw the light. The light that would guide me through my entire journey.

PS: Blogging hasnt been in agenda lately...quizzes and tests take over.