Friday, January 20, 2012

Waking up to CNY excitement was never this good. In addition to the holiday mood, CNY celebration would be perfect this year.It's invigorating to know that the whole family is getting geared up for CNY. What a blessing that this year has gone as far as one month, and I've deliberately prepared to welcome the new year. A batchmate of mine had recently posted on FB, stating that 23rd Jan would be a codominant date. How original that is! Indeed, what she'd stated holds an enormous amount of truth. 23rd Jan is also results day for A Levels students. Gah, the thought of it scares me but it's time for us to find out if our efforts paid off. No matter what, I thank god for giving me the courage and determination to pull through a course which I'd thought I couldn't survive in, almost dropping out of it.

Meanwhile, have a great CNY celebration to all peeps out there and stay safe!

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